CHD Real Stories

Hear from parents and survivors of CHD as they share their powerful stories.

Naomi James

2023 Real Woman Naomi James

Ceirra Zeager

2023 Real Woman Ceirra Zeager

Kristal and Ariel

Ariel Hernandez underwent heart surgery last year. (Photo courtesy of Kristal Hernandez)

CHD Survivor Victoria Rodriguez Video Diaries

CHD and Mental Well-being

The American Heart Association advocates for mental health support for all people with congenital heart defects (CHD). Hear from survivors, parents and a leading researcher on the connection between CHD and mental well-being. This special conversation was hosted by TikTok star and CHD survivor JT Laybourne and part of the AHA’s alliance with the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Tools and Resources for CHD Survivors and their Families

NEW! Questions expectant mothers can ask their doctors about CHD at different points in their pregnancies.
Ariel sitting on exam table at doctor office

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Support That Lifts You Up

The American Heart Association’s Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) forum is an online community that brings together parents of children with CHD and adult survivors of CHD to support each other through their shared experiences. Start connecting today or share this free resource with a CHD family you know.
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