Microvascular Angina

This type of angina, or chest pain, may be a symptom of coronary microvascular disease (MVD). Coronary MVD is heart disease that affects the heart’s smallest coronary artery blood vessels.

angina illustration

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Spasms within the walls of these very small arterial blood vessels reduce blood flow to the heart muscle, leading to a type of chest pain referred to as microvascular angina.


Angina that occurs in coronary MVD may differ from the typical angina that occurs in heart disease. The dull chest pain it causes usually lasts more than 15-20 minutes. If you have been diagnosed with MVD, follow the directions from your health care professional regarding how to treat your symptoms and when to seek emergency assistance.

The pain/discomfort:

  • May be more severe and last longer than other types of angina pain.
  • May occur with shortness of breath.
  • Often is first noticed during routine daily activities or mental stress.

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