Acute Myocardial Infarction Toolkit

Talking with Your Patients after a Heart Attack: Leveraging Patient-Centric Communication

Patient involvement in self-care following major medical events helps improve outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. But getting patients to adhere to treatment plans often proves challenging.

Our guide provides practical information about how you can use patient-centered communication to engage your patients.

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Heart Attack Discharge Worksheet 

The days between hospital discharge and follow-up visit are critically important for heart attack patients. Remembering to take medications, attend follow-up appointments, and monitor heart rate and blood pressure can improve long-term outcomes.

Help your patients stay on track with our Heart Attack Discharge Worksheet. This tool is also available in Spanish!

AMI Toolkit Discharge Worksheet
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Educate your Patients about Secondary Prevention

Help your patients lower their risk of a recurrent heart attack by engaging them in secondary prevention. Our infographic provides actionable information about five key steps that can help patients improve and maintain heart health.

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Additional Resources

Cardiac Rehabilitation Referral Card

This tool can help your patients understand the benefits of participating in cardiac rehabilitation. Download the referral card now in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF).

Answers by Heart Fact Sheets

Educate your patients with our Answers by Heart fact sheets. Presented in a question-and-answer format that is brief, easy to follow and easy to read, these patient information sheets address a variety of topics including cardiovascular conditions, treatments and tests, and lifestyle and risk reduction.

Check out all of our helpful Answers by Heart sheets.

Support Network

When faced with challenges recovering from heart disease or stroke, patients need emotional support. That’s why we created a network to connect people with others going through similar experiences to help them support and inspire each other at every stage of their journey.

Tell your patients about our Support Network.