How High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Sex Life

Understanding the physical causes

There are many factors that can contribute to problems with sexual function. One possible cause can be blood vessel damage from blood pressure that remains high for too long. This can reduce blood flow throughout your body. Lower blood flow to the pelvis may affect the sex lives of men and women.

Erectile dysfunction

The effects of high blood pressure on male sexual function may be more physically apparent than they are with women. Erectile dysfunction can happen when not enough blood flows to the penis to allow for an erection.

That can be a sign for a health care professional to check for high blood pressure and other problems.

Loss of sex drive and interest

If a woman’s blood flow to her vagina is reduced, it may affect how her body responds before and during intercourse.

Work with your health care professional to help manage high blood pressure. Don’t let high blood pressure hurt your sex life: