Move More Together

Find Your Fierce – whatever gets you up and moving – for better physical and mental health.
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Find Your Fierce in Movement for Better Mental Health

Being active is a great way to maintain our physical and mental health – especially during this time of isolation and social distance. Join us for Fierce 5 movement breaks, workouts, streaming events, tips and activities that will motivate you to move more every day so you can Live Fierce.

Fierce 5-Minute Movement Breaks

Orangetheory Fitness proudly supports the American Heart Association. Consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen and for modifications that best meet your individual needs.

Fierce 5 Movement Break: Flexibility
Fierce 5 Movement Break: 5-Minute Core Activation
Fierce 5 Movement Break: Quick Blast Circuit
Fierce 5 Movement Break: Upper Body Strength

Find Your Fierce with these Fitness Classes On Demand