Make Movement a Habit Infographic

Tips to get active – and stay active.

Choose the right kind of movement.

Make it something you enjoy and can repeat easily. Lots of physical activities are good for you!

Start small. Stepping stones, not boulders.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Instead of a two-hour hike, start with a 20-minute walk.

Choose a cue. We all need a reminder.

A cue is anything that helps you remember your movement habit. Put your sneakers by the door or your hand weights near your computer – that’s a cue.

Reinforce the habit. Make it rewarding.

Have fun while you move. Invite a friend, listen to music or treat yourself to a refreshing drink or healthy snack after!

Coach Whistle

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Check out these six short “Habit Coach” videos. These science-based habit hacks will help you keep those healthy habits!

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